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We’re passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Whether is eliminating pain, improving performance, or simply keeping you healthy, our team is dedicated to getting you exactly where you want to be.

NAKOA Performance & Physical Therapy

We are a performance training and physical therapy facility in Carlsbad, California. We offer semi-private and private training options in our facility as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Our online training programs are a digital version of what we do in our gym because we believe athletes of any level anywhere in the world should have access to the best training.

We specialize in science-based performance, custom program design, and training all levels of athletes from novice to elite to perform at their highest potential. We educate, coach, and develop life skills to ensure success. We have fun but our mindset for building up a new client is serious. Our flow includes assessing current standing, identifying areas of strength versus areas of need, cross-referencing with goals. We then build a program to balance, prevent injury and progress so that goals are achieved. From there, we’re continuously building to evolve progress, retest, analyze and repeat.


Meet Our Team

Physical Therapy Team


Allison is the Director of Physical Therapy at NAKOA. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from St. Augustine University in 2011. 


Jon uses his background in sports medicine, manual therapy, and biomechanics, to provide high-quality care for all of his patients.


Steven received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. He treats patients with a comprehensive approach.


Kevin is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist with experience in a variety of rehab settings. 

Performance Coaching Team


Bianca is the program director for our Fire and Police Programs. With Allison, she has created a comprehensive, one of a kind wellness program. 


Zac is determined to help people become great athletes and champion human beings. He is the ultimate team player with a heart of gold. 


Ryan’s passion, motivation, and drive provide an infectious positive energy that everybody feels throughout the gym and helps to unite us all as a team. 


Erik received his Masters in Exercise Science from the California University of Pennsylvania. He believes that learning is a never-ending process that should be valued and embraced. 


NAKOA is a place where people commit to becoming better and Katie is excited to contribute to that along with the amazing team that surrounds her. 

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